Company works with 13 other WBA members from across the globe to help lay the groundwork that will enhance the user Wi-Fi experience.

(Toronto, ON) September 17, 2014: On August 27, 2014, sister companies, BAI Canada Inc. and Transit Wireless, subsidiary of Canadian-owned BAI Group joined the WBA in its efforts to unite the ecosystem and progress the development of carrier Wi-Fi throughout the world.

BAI Canada is currently working with the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) to install a robust and efficient Wi-Fi and cellular infrastructure in its subway system to over 1.7 million riders daily. On September 8, 2014, BAI Canada brought wireless internet to Wellesley station following the successful completion of St George, Bay and Bloor-Yonge.

“We are well on our way to adding infrastructure to 14 additional stations by March 2015,” said Ken Ranger, CEO of BAI Canada. “College station is next and will be Wi-Fi equipped by the end of the month, hosting the TCONNECT Wi-Fi service and be cellular-capable.”

Similarly, Transit Wireless, continues to deploy and launch wireless, Wi-Fi and public safety services in one of the largest and busiest public transportation systems, the New York City subway. Through a partnership with Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), Transit Wireless currently has 47 stations throughout Manhattan commissioned with service. Upon completion, this project will serve wireless connectivity to more than 2.6 billion riders annually in 279 underground stations.



Transit Wireless has successfully deployed a state-of-the-art infrastructure within one of the most complex systems in the world,” said Bill Bayne, CEO of Transit Wireless. “We look forward to partnering with the WBA and other wireless industry leaders towards enhancing communication methods and deployments.

“BAI Canada and Transit Wireless are building a world class, multi-application, broadband wireless network within the TTC and MTA subway systems that will bring tremendous benefits to the subway riders,” said Chris Jaeger, Managing Director International Business, BAI Group.

“We are excited to bring forth 80+ years of experience to the WBA panel, helping to ensure that consumers are having a superior Wi-Fi experience via networks that are both seamless and secure. We will be attending WBA’s fifth Wi-Fi Global Congress and 25th WBA Roundtable Conference.”

About BAI Canada

BAI Canada is building a robust, high quality network in Toronto for the TTC and its riders. BAI Canada will own and operate the subway wireless communications network and function as a single point of contact for all Toronto licensed Wireless Service Providers to extend their cellular services to the TTC’s more than 1.7 million daily riders.

About Transit Wireless

Transit Wireless has implemented a high quality, highly resilient network that enables secure private networks and public Wi-Fi. Transit Wireless was formed specifically to meet the Metropolitan Transit Authority’s (MTA) requirement to provide a shared wireless infrastructure to enable commercial wireless services for the New York City Transit Authority riders within the underground subway stations and related opportunities.

About BAI Group

BAI Canada and Transit Wireless are part of a group of global experts who are leaders in tailored design and integration of wireless confined coverage solutions with over 80 years of experience in Asia and North America. BAI Group has also been involved in deploying and maintaining communication networks for some of the most complex subway systems around the world, including Hong Kong’s MTR Corporation.




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