BAI Canada owns and operates a carrier grade Wi-Fi network within TTC stations to enhance the rider experience for millions of commuters every day.

BAI Canada’s Wi-Fi network, TCONNECT, is designed to support high density Wi-Fi device traffic and provides TTC riders with reliable access to the internet, social media, email and entertainment in all public areas of Wi-Fi equipped TTC stations. The platform-optimized network is comprised of the most up-to-date Wi-Fi technology, which provides the maximum possible throughput per access point, with advanced features such as location-based services. The backbone of the Wi-Fi network provides station connectivity of 1Gbps expandable to 10Gbps.

Current in-station service incorporates the ability to extend network coverage to tunnels- Enabling uninterrupted service between stations while the train is in motion.

Visit TCONNECT.ca to learn about our Wi-Fi Service.


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