TCONNECT is a high performance Wi-Fi network being deployed throughout TTC subway stations, platforms and mezzanines. With all TTC stations currently online, our network encompasses all 74 stations across the four main transit lines. Launched in December 2013 with a mission to meet the growing needs of Toronto transit riders, TCONNECT’s high capacity network accommodates tens of thousands of users daily as they make their way through Toronto’s transit system.

The TCONNECT Wi-Fi network has been enabled throughout the subway system since mid-2017.

TCONNECT, is an advertiser sponsored Wi-Fi network that is FREE to TTC subway riders and allows access to the internet, including: Email, social media, and real-time transit updates. Connecting is easy for TTC subway riders, who simply select SSID: ‘TCONNECT’ in the Wi-Fi settings of their wireless device, open their internet browser and click “Connect” on the TCONNECT home page.

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