BAI Canada’s wireless communications network is built to support a variety of layered applications, all connected via their extensive high count fibre optic network; spanning the breadth of the city and conveniently tucked away in its underground. BAI Canada is uniquely positioned to provide connectivity for a number of modernization initiatives in the commercial space.

BAI Canada’s wireless connectivity projects have involved implementing backbone services for the TTC’s fare payment system, integrating a public Wi-Fi network within Union Station’s regional transit concourse and extending connectivity services to retail, enterprise and private customers. The potential ICT applications are nearly limitless, with a readymade network that’s able to deliver a range of data speeds as well as provide carrier grade, high bandwidth services.


✔  Fibre optic cables are a modern solution for complex communications networks that require a more reliable connection than cable internet
✔  Dedicated line to transmit data quickly and efficiently over longer distances
✔  Secure against interference
✔  High bandwidth capacity