BAI Canada has built a robust network that will allow wireless carriers to enable voice and data services for their customers in Toronto subway stations.

BAI Canada has deployed a multi-carrier Distributed Antenna System (DAS) to accommodate all Toronto-based wireless carriers to extend their licensed spectrum throughout the TTC subway environment. The current build focuses on coverage within individual stations, but eventually riders will benefit from a seamless cellular-enabled experience throughout the entire TTC tunnel network.

BAI Canada’s custom designed DAS platform enables TTC riders, employees and public safety personnel access to wireless services and capabilities. The DAS solution offers architectural, deployment and maintenance efficiencies ideal for this application. Wireless carriers are able to remotely locate their equipment at a purpose designed Base Station Hotel (BSH) and distribute their signal to strategically placed antennas throughout every station, offering their customers exceptional cellular service in the Toronto subway.

In June 2015, Freedom Mobile became the first carrier to offer their talk, text and data services on the Toronto transit system. With a focus on enhancing the rider’s journey, BAI Canada’s multi-carrier DAS system is built to accommodate all wireless carriers currently servicing Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.


    • Improved mobile experience for the TTC’s 1.7 million daily subway riders (and growing!)
    • With an average captive market of 36 minutes per commute, wireless carriers get more access to rapidly growing smartphone and tablet users
    • Provide service for 14,000 TTC employees
    • Improved mobility service by filling coverage gaps in existing downtown PATH, above ground areas and TTC interconnection points
    • Greater flexibility to optimize macro coverage by eliminating the need to penetrate subway station entrances
    • Risk-free access to TTC wireless network


    Minutes Spent Commuting

    TTC Employees

    Daily Transit Riders